Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Wonders of Rose Hip Essential Oil

Look at any anti-ageing product and no doubt you'll find rose-hip oil is a key ingredient. Extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the plant, the oil is known to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines especially around the eyes and mouth. It's also said to improve the complexion and even out skin tone. Rose hip is a stable, non-greasy essential oil and is safe to apply directly to the skin. It does make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so apply some sun-block before going outside. If you have acne, consult a dermatologist before using.

I recently ordered a four ounce bottle of organic unprocessed rose-hip oil made in Chile. Rose-hip bushes are native to the Andes and the miracles of the plant were first discovered there. Now, however, the oil can be made anywhere, in fact, if you have a rose-hip plant you could make it yourself. But, oil from Chile sounds great and the price was reasonable. Another wonderful thing about rose-hip oil: the price.

The oil smells and feels light and I've started applying it twice a day around my eyes and mouth instead of a moisturizer and beneath my usual cream for the rest of my face. I am lucky, at thirty something I have hardly any lines, so this no doubt is the right time to start. I do hope to minimize some 'thinking' lines between my eyes, though. I took a before picture and will compare the results in thirty days. Till then!

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