Friday, May 28, 2010

How to Reduce Rings Around the Neck

I have one and I'd love to get rid of it.  If you have dark rings around your neck, armpits and groin area it might be a sign of disease, so, See a doctor!  Otherwise, the ring(s) might be the result of skin stretching.  If you were recently pregnant, or lost or gained large amounts of weight that might explain it.  Bad posture and constant looking down are also said to cause these rings.  There isn't much consensus about the causes or remedies.  What you can do is try to lighten the dark lines by exfoliating and bleaching.  The skin on the neck area is very delicate, though, so be gentle and remember to apply moisturizer.

The following are some natural skin bleachers:
Lemon -you can also mix it with yogurt and apply it, but it is photosensitive so stay out of the sun if you use it.
Papaya juice.
Shea butter -it's supposed to be highly effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.
Vitamin E -ditto.

And, of course, neck exercises and proper posture should help as well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mile-Long Lashes

It's been about a month since I bought my rose-hip oil, and I promised an 'after' report.  I found I love the smell of rose-hip oil, but it's a bit drying for my skin and made me itchy, so I stopped using it a while ago.  This would be a good time to mention the importance of spot tests.  Before applying anything on a regular basis, you should test it on a small patch of skin to check your reaction to it.

And, now, to the main topic, enhancing the eyes with longer lashes.  There are three oils that are said to grow lashes:  olive oil, vitamin E, and castor oil.

The latter two oils are usually mentioned for lashes, but the first one rarely so.  I learned about olive oil as a lash stimulant from an acquaintance.  It's commonly used in her family.  She applied extra-virgin olive oil nightly to her lashes and they grew so long that she had to trim them.  I, on the other hand, saw no growth at all; and I followed her instructions exactly.  Perhaps it comes down to genetics.

Vitamin E and castor oil are the most popularly recommended eye-lash growing oils around.  Both oils are supposed to do wonders for lifeless, dull hair.  Castor oil is also said to strengthen hair and is recommended for brittle, damaged tresses.

Since I don't like the smell of castor oil, I've decided to try vitamin E oil.  It's available pure in bottles, and I recently purchased a small one.  I'll give it a month-long trial and announce the results, hopefully positive.  If things don't work out, though, there's always the castor.